Hachiban Ramen

Hachiban Ramen is currently one of the most popular unique Ramen brands in Japan as well as other countries in Asia during the past 50 years. With a network of nearly 300 stores in Japan as well as other countries in Asia, Hachiban Ramen marks a rapid development in order to bring unique features and preserve the original taste of Ramen. The specialty of the land connecting Kanazawa and Kyoto (Japan) is known as the birthplace of the Hachiban Ramen brand.

Coming to Vietnam market in 2019, under the management of Mesa Company, Hachiban Ramen quickly brought a new wind in the style of Ramen experience, attracting hundreds of guests to enjoy every day at Hachiban Ramen chi. The first branch is located on B3 floor – Vincom Dong Khoi, District 1.