About us

Mesa Group was founded in 1995 as a consumer goods distribution company and since have grown to become one the largest distribution company in the country delivering non-consumer and consumer goods to more than 150,000 top tier wholesalers and retailers nationwide. To date, our group activities cover five main sectors including distribution, real estate, F&B, digital solutions, and principle investments employing more than 11,500 employees.

At our core distribution business we provide international standard end-to-end B2B or B2C distribution services, delivering products from our selective partners to the Vietnamese consumers through a value chain of planning, organizing, marketing, warehousing, and delivery. Our operations are technology enabled and in the most direct, effective and economical way. We deliver products to villages, towns, and cities in every corner of Vietnam.

With nearly three decades of building and maintaining deep relationship with more than 150,000 retailers and wholesalers of all types and sizes, enabling us with greater market insights, consumer preference and trend, thus allows for better planning and improve delivery efficiencies.